Nick’s Towing and Equipment Company

“AT Nick’s Towing Services, Inc. We are guided by many principles and values, honed over the years by our dedicated team of members since 1972. We believe in excellence, service, innovation, transparency and the highest standards of customer care. Our company strives to offer the very best customer service, courtesy, efficiency and safety to our valued customers and clients.

Towing Service

Nick’s Towing and Equipment Company

Nicholas Nick is an icon on the road today. He has developed an outstanding reputation for being a dependable and reliable tow truck operator with a warm and compassionate approach toward his clients. Nicholas Nick was the founder of the company, and is now its president and owner. Nicholas Nick has been actively involved in the company from its inception and serves as its manager as well as the owner of Nick’s Towing and Equipment Company.

“To all those who have given us so much, we say thank you, Nicholas Nick, for your dedication and leadership of Nick’s Towing and Equipment Company. Nick is responsible for making the business successful and for helping to develop and grow our company. He has been a great asset to this company throughout its history. Nick’s Towing and Equipment Company and the people who work with it are devoted to providing our clients with the very best customer service in the industry.”

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