Learn What’s in a DJ Mixer

The term DJ mixers came into common use in the 1970’s as a reference to DJ’s or “drum and bass” music. Modern DJ mixers is a specialized type of sound mixing console usually used by disc jockeys at club and nightclubs to manipulate and control multiple audio tracks. Some DJs at clubs and nightspots use this mixer to create seamless transitions between several tracks while they’re playing records at an evening club. DJs do a lot of mixing during their performances and need to have a good sound system for the mixing. Most DJ mixers will give the DJ the best sound quality.

dj mixers

DJ Mixer

The basic DJ mixers are mixers made from compact discs with built in turntables. These mixers were designed to be small and light enough to be portable and easy to transport to venues where they would be utilized. Many compact discs are also equipped with “fader” knobs which allow the mixing of different frequencies and volume levels. These mixers are often called “deck mixers” since they are designed to be played on a DJ’s turntables.

While the basic DJ mixers are made of very simple parts, professional DJ mixers are usually composed of many parts. Some mixers will have separate knobs for equalizers, mid-tones, and pitch controls. There are other mixers that also feature a high-pass filter, subwoofer output, and volume controls. A few mixers may also contain special effects such as reverb and chorus.

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