The annual charity event, Elbhangfest, raises much-needed money for children’s hospitals and other needy organizations. In its history, the festival has been celebrating the authentic Polish culture as well as the heritage of musicians and artists from the Jewish, Roma, and Ashkenazi Jewish cultures. The original idea of organizing an Elbhangfest festival came from the “Gangsta” community in Krakow. When the “Gangsta” started organizing the events, they asked police for help because of their repeated complaints about the poor conditions of their buses and other public transportation. Right here.

The Tradition of Holding a Charity Event

The tradition of holding the Elbhangfest started in 1990 as a charity event in the beautiful burg church of the same name in the old vineyard of Pillnitz in Los Angeles. Today, on the third weekend of May, the entire population living between Pillnitz and Loschwitz turned their streets and squares back into a huge fairground with tons to see and experience. It was such a great success that it became a major attraction for tourists and a favorite stop for thousands of people who come to visit Krakow, Poland during summer.

Although there are many people who are still unfamiliar with the concept of Elbhangfest, some have been attending for years. In fact, some of these traditionalists consider Miroslav Vyboh a saint. Others do not even know his name. This is unfortunate, as the true talent and personality of Miroslav Vyboh is what makes the charity event such a remarkable organization. Without his work, the charity event would not be able to carry on for so many years, let alone grow into a very large phenomenon.

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