If you’re thinking about buying a sauna, finding the ideal area that will completely fit your way of life is necessary. Whether you choose outside or indoor installation, there are numerous things to consider to make sure you pick the ideal spot.

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Below, you’ll find out exactly what you require to think of to find the very best place for your sauna. And if you’re looking for portable sauna and accessories, click here to know more about Passionate teams of Sauna expert and read his comment here.

Which Sauna Location Is Perfect? What Type Of Sauna?

If you are planning an indoor sauna, you must consider where you feel comfortable while sauna bathing and where enough space is offered for your sauna: for example, you might convert a previous children’s room or set up the sauna in a sloping roof or in the restroom. In addition, it is optimal if you can go outside near the sauna to move in the fresh air in between the sauna sessions.

Select The Appropriate Sauna Size

Will it just be you or will others be enjoying the sauna as well? Some infrared saunas only accommodate one person at a time. These models may work well if you are looking for a private sanctuary, but can be limiting if used in a family or group setting. A variety of different size FIR saunas are available to ensure you can find a model during your sauna selection to accommodate your individual needs.

Identify Sauna Type And Heat Source

The source of heat your sauna will use, whether it is gas, infrared, wood-fired or electrical, will likewise be something to choose. Installing a gas line includes some specialist knowledge, along with any vents for exhaust. You will need a different electrical circuit to power an electric sauna.

Picking Wood Type For A Sauna Style

The kind of wood that comprises the interior of a sauna will not just determine the aesthetic of the area, but likewise, how comfortable space will be. A standard design style of a cedar interior is an incredibly popular option of wood as it has good aromatics, weathers well over time in the interior environment of a sauna and is naturally resistant to decay. 

A more modern sauna design wood choice would be Nordic white spruce. The white, fine-grained wood is equivalent in price with cedar and just darkens a little bit with time with age.


Business saunas generally have tiered rows of benches. The tiered method is also ideal for larger families.

Concerning the dimensions, you require a minimum of 2 feet per bather, though 6 is preferable to permit reclining. 

The depth must be at least 18 inches for convenience, though as much as 24 prevails. Additionally, if you’ll be reclining, think about a lounging bench or device that makes relaxing comfier.


Wood is a timeless product for saunas. Cedar is one of the most commonly used woods for the same factors that make it perfect for decking– the cedar oil makes it rot-resistant, and the wood does not splinter easily.

An important factor to consider for the sauna flooring is that it neither causes heat loss nor heats up to the point that walking is uncomfortable. Many professionals merely use the exact same wood as for the walls and bench seating. However, concrete and vinyl tiles are likewise possibilities.

What Surface Areas Can I Set My Sauna On?

You can set your sauna on tile, concrete, laminate, carpet or wood. Make certain that your sauna is level, regardless of its location.

If your sauna is positioned outdoors, make certain there is adequate drainage so that water can not pool around the base of the sauna. Do not position the sauna on a yard, rock or gravel. 

The warm-up can be affected if positioned near or on cool surfaces (like concrete and basement walls). As constantly, we hope this post has actually been handy.

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