Web Design Flok – An Open Source HTML Editor

Web Design Flok is an open-source HTML editor written in PHP. It’s based on the very popular CodeIgniter which is considered one of the most popular open-source web server scripts available. Flok has many useful features that make it very useful for web designers and web developers to develop web sites.

Web Design – Using a Visual HTML Editor

When it comes to designing a web site, the user does not have to worry about anything because Flok provides them with a wide range of tools to help them design the site. The users can create a web site through uploading their own HTML code or can select from a variety of pre-made templates that are available for download. This enables the web designer to create a web site by using Flash, which is much faster than a conventional HTML website. The users can also insert the image gallery, a blog, and more into their site to increase its functionality and appeal.

The Flok website is also very user friendly. It is very easy to install and the installation is very straight forward. All the basic functions are supported by the user and they can also integrate some advanced functionalities to increase usability. The user can even add to the website a social media feature which allows the user to share links with their friends which enables them to share information about their website with their friends without having to log in each and every time.

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