Phase One Asbestos – Most Common Methods Used To Remove Asbestos

Phase One Asbestos Surveys are the initial investigation and tests of a specific building. Once identified as having Asbestos-containing materials, there is then the decision to remove that material from the structure.

Phase One Asbestos – The Most Common Form of Asbestos Used

The most common method used to remove Asbestos is by using high-pressure water jets and high-intensity ultrasonics also referred to as heat pipes. Heat pipes are applied via special pipe cleaners or equipment. They remove Asbestos fibers from the interior walls, ceilings, floors, and doors. Heat pipes are highly effective for removing Asbestos from interior areas but are not recommended to use on exterior walls. When an inspector identifies the potential for exposure to Asbestos in the structure, an inspection of other building components is required in order to determine if any other sources exist for Asbestos. A sample test may be conducted with air conditioning units, furnace filters, paint, or insulation.

In addition to high-pressure water jetting and high-intensity ultrasonics, there are a number of other methods of Asbestos removal. Chemical vapors, heat beams, or chemical liquidations are all used in many instances to remove Asbestos from structures. Other methods include physical removals, such as by using chemicals or vacuuming.

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