To get a VaperWick, you just need to sign up for the website, provide a few basic details, like name, email address, and a photo, and a freebie will be delivered to you in the mail. They will be mailed to you within 24 hours, so no waiting around. They can be sent to you via regular postal services, and they will come in two or three days, depending on the time of day you sign up for them. You may even have a more detailed questionnaire asked of you to complete if you wish, but that’s completely optional. Check out

VAPES Teardown – what’s inside and how do they work?

The VaperWick is available in two forms – one that is a USB flash drive, which is waterproof and easy to carry around, and a second, larger version that is a CD/DVD, which is easier to carry and easier to read. Both versions have an anti-corrosion layer that will help to protect them from damage over time. The USB is only required for immediate use with the products listed on the site.

How to get your hands on a VaperWick – A very easy way to find a VaperWick is to just visit their official website. You will be given an order form, which you should print and complete. Once you have done that, you’ll be sent your VaperWick in a separate, self-contained package that you will have to carry with you while you shop.

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