If you look at the residential side of things, it will show you that the amount of energy the average home uses is significantly greater than the amount of energy the average home or business consumes. This is due to the fact that a home or business will utilize the power company’s own systems for the majority of their domestic electricity consumption.

The Business of Energy – A Different Lens

An average business will utilize one-third of their power with their electricity, while they will use around half of their power with their water. You have to be very careful when comparing these figures because many times the water used by a business is not produced by the company, but instead, is purchased from an outside source. This is why you have to make sure that you know the average consumption rate of the company that you are using. It will help you determine how much of their electricity a business consumes.

Once you know the exact amount of electricity a home or business consumes, you will then have to take a look at what the average rate is for electricity for your own business. For many small businesses, their energy will be a lot higher than what the residential homes consume.

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