Proline is also necessary for the synthesis of pro- and arginine. While arginine is also essential, spore probiotics are produced at a slower rate in the body and is not a significant contributor to the synthesis of proteins. While the body is able to produce a great amount of arginine, it is not possible for the body to produce the amount of pro- that it needs for the synthesis of proteins.

The Importance of spore probiotics

The proline and arginine are produced through the action of enzymes. The production of both proline and arginine is a function of enzymes that are present in the intestinal tract and are required to break down the arginine to pro- which is then converted into the more potent pro- Arginine.

While both pro- and arginine are present in the body, the production of either one of them is more abundant in the elderly. The production of pro- and arginine is a function of the production of the enzyme, which is not present in the younger, more active, and healthier. This enzyme is present in the blood stream, which is found in the intestines. This enzyme converts pro- to pro- arginine and is called inorganic proline oxidase.

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